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Norsk käftsmällstrio till Pipeline! 

Lucky Malice delivers hard-hitting and uncompromising riot grrrl-punk, which engages and seduces. 
They are a power trio emerging as one of the trendsetting bands of feminist punk rock in Norway. 

They have been a band since 2004, and played uncountable number of shows in Europe. With their biggest passion in life playing punk rock, they give it all on stage. With big smiles and a tight set, they are all over the place, making sure that you enjoy the concert just as much as they do. 

They have released three albums “Misfit” (2017, Tonehjulet Kräftpest), “Lucky Malice” (2014, Tonehjulet Kräftpest), “Homme Fatale” (2013, Tonehjulet Kräftpest) and a EP “Young and breatless” (2008, Tonehjulet Kräftpest) and two split EPs “Split”with Göttemia (2010, Tonehjulet Kräftpest) and “Handicap” with DANGER!MAN (2016, Tonehjulet Kräftpest/Boss Tunage/Sjakk Matt plater)

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Tour blog from Spain tour 2014:

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Datum & Plats

30 nov 2018, ( 19:00 ), Pipeline

LONG: 17.313040600000022 LAT: 62.3898216 Adress: Kyrkogatan 6, Sundsvall