Europadagen på Unga Magasinet

Sundsvalls Kommun together with 4 Erasmus+ volonteers, holds a bunch of events on 8-11th of May devoted to the Europe Day!

The program for the 9th of May:

15.00-16.30 – Do you want to know more about possibilities to travel and experience life abroad? Welcome to the workshop
“What do you need to know as a young European” hold by Annina Lahti – handläggare/Programme Officer at
Myndigheten för ungdoms-och civilsamhällesfrågor.

17.00 – Art workshop with Wejdan Derky, Museum of Sundsvall “Flows of Europe” at KulturMagasinets torget with Wejdan and accomponement of professional violonist Nahro who plays at Sundsvalls orchestra and the Theatre.

18.00 – “Taste of Europe”, kom och smaka! 11 volunteers from 6 different countries are going to prepare some snacks from their national cuisine. You have also a chance to meet them all and talk:)

18.30 – Euroquizz!

Unga Magasinet Packhusgatan 4 Sundsvall
9 maj 2018
15.00 - 20.00

LONG: 17.312031400000023 LAT: 62.3915504 Adress: Packhusgatan 4, Sundsvall
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