Livestream – TEDxYouth@Sundsvall

TEDx event creates waves of change all around the world.
Welcome to 2021 years TEDxYouth in Sundsvall. This year the event will take place online and the theme is “Dare to be Creative!”

Follow us on a magic and inspiring evening where young speakers, from all over the world, share their creative and new-thinking idéas about the present and the future:

  • How to do your best?
  • Why protest for your rights during an ongoing pandemic?
  • Colorism, how to eradicate it, and self-motivate dark skin individuals.
  • Remote work and its role in the future

Besides inspiring speakers you will also have the chance to see performances from enthusiastic and talented artist that will bring you in to their world of art. You can listen to brand new music or try to figure out magic tricks.

Also this year you have the possibility to win really cool prizes at the event – AND you can participate in our social media challenge, that will be released on Instagram ↗. Join our challenge “Dare to be Creative” and compete for a special prize!

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Online (no charge)
27 maj 2021
18.00 - 20.00

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